The Byzantine Empire

The Eastern half of the old Roman empire

Formed after the Roman Empire fell apart

The Roman Empire ended up falling apart and splitting up. The Western half went into the dark ages and was unintelligent, while the Byzantine Empire lasted for almost 1000 years. The Eastern half became the Byzantine empire. The Eastern half had the religion of Eastern Orthodox Catholic, while the Western half was Roman Catholic. Another difference was the languages spoken. The Eastern half spoke Greek, and the Western half spoke Latin. Rome was the capital of the Western half and Constantinople was the Eastern Capital.

The Byzantine empire influenced Russia greatly-

Eastern Orthodox spread to Russia from the empire, and through trade with the Russians, the Byzantine artwork, alphabet, and architecture spread.

The Byzantine (Cyrillic) alphabet

An example of a Russian building, influenced in structure by the Byzantines.

A big contribution to today's society, Justinian's Code. This helped move the progress in Laws and Regulations.

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