R.L Stine lives in New York with his wife Jane and his dog Minnie King Charles. Born in Columbus, Ohio, US October 8, 1943 pen name is Jovial Bob Stine. writes Fiction books.

He said that he loves comedy it started his career writing funny books and editing a humor magazine. He used to write a lot of joke and comedy books before Goosebumps.

When R.L. Stine was nine, he found an old typewriter up in the attic. That discovery changed his life. He carried it down to his room and started typing stories and little joke books.

In 1989 he created the Fear Street series, the best selling young adult book series in history. He has written over 100 Fear Street books about teens facing all kinds of terror.

Goosebumps began in 1992. The book series quickly became a hit around the world. It translated into 32 different languages, it made R.L Stine a worldwide publishing celebrity.


I am reading the Mostly Ghostly series from R.L. Stine I am on the second book and so far it's good. Max is still trying to keep Tara and Nicky safe from Phears the evil ghost. He is trying to catch them and their parents.

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