Week 1:
German Conversational Practice Question using Aurasma!

Learning Objectives:

I will practice this week's conversational question using the digital app, Aurasama, by creating a trigger image (Aura) that features my short video dialogue relating to the question posted in our Google Classroom Assignment.


1.   Keeping this week's conversational practice question in mind, create a picture that reflects your topic. This will be your trigger image.   Save this picture to your Google Drive, network folder, desktop, etc.

2.  On your iPad or Android tablet, create a video tutorial of yourself answering this week's conversational question in German.  (see Rubric for guidelines)  Save your video into your Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

3.  Open the Aurasma app and sign into your account or create a log in profile.

4.  Upload your trigger image and conversational video by clicking on the "+" symbol.

5.  Upload your image by going to our Google Classroom site and clicking on the shared Document under 'Week 1:  German Conversational Practice Question'.  Add your image to this document along with your Aurasma username.  

Sample Assignment

*To view my sample assignment, search for 'Jenniezach' and follow my Aurasma page.  


(Teacher completed Rubric will be uploaded to Google Classroom and each student will get a copy for grading purposes.)

Created from: http://www.sites4teachers.com/links/redirect.php?url=http://teacher.scholastic.com/tools/rubric.htm

Ohio's New Learning Standards - World Languages Grades 6-8

INTERPRETIVE COMMUNICATION: Communicate in languages other than English, both in person and via technology.

3. Comprehend and interpret basic information in authentic messages and informational texts.

b. Answer basic questions about authentic messages and informational texts.

2. Interact with others using culturally appropriate language and gestures on a range of familiar topics

e. Initiate, carry on and conclude increasingly complex conversations and interviews on a limited range of personal, general knowledge, academic and interdisciplinary topics and issues.