Welcome to the Tropical Rainforest!!

Ashlyn Clark,Sandra Sanchez,Cr Wallace,Madison Adkins, Ben Legg



Hey you, yea you, have you ever wanted to visit a tropical rain forest? Well nows your lucky chance Here's a few things you could do on your visit:

Hike,nature walking, fishing, camping, canoeing, swimming, survival training, boat trips, view different species, and visit a native shaman.

Tigers in the Rainforest!

Have you ever seen a Bengal Tiger? Well you can at the Tropical Rainforest. Here are some facts about the tiger. It's diet is antelopes,boars,and monkeys. Another fact about the tiger is it habitat. You can see one of these tigers near a Forest and Mangroves. Finally it's life style is a female can have up to four cubs and it lives alone.

tropical rainforest weather

Average temperature is 81F, so wear clothes that keep you cool. There is very heavy rain. The average rainfall is 25 cm. The best time to visit is in spring.

In the rainforest there are Saprophytes!!!

Saprophytes is a type of fungi.the saprophytes can not be seen with the eye itself,saprophytes are very important to the environment,unlike the typical fungi,the saprophytes rely on other organisms nourishment!

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