12 favorite things




I love wild life  love going on walks and taking pictures or when we go hunting i love shooting them i now sounds kinda weird I life hunting but love to save them but I only hunt during deer season but other ways i lvd helping deer that need it. I used Coffee shop vin.


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Sharpies are a part of my life because I have to have them with me were ever  go i always have to hove a sharpie i use them for almost every thing with them I have so many of them it aint funny I at least have about 30 or more sharpies thats how much I love them.. I used Risen and fog monster

Being Outside

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I love being out side and love being out side with this little girl I love her. and love being outside just messing around like playing with worms. I used CIN action on it..

Night time

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This pic is of outside and its a barn at night i love being outside when its dark out  don't no why but ever seas I was little i have always been out side at night and walk throw the woods I don't no why but i love the woods when its night time. I used Adrenaline.

Milking cows

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Milking cows is a BIG part of my life because I life on a farm and i also work on one I help Judy with all that kind of stuff and i just love getting up at like 4:30 in morning and going out side and herd up the cows to milk them.. I used CIN and vintage on it.  

Lidke Mill

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Lidke mill is a part of my life because ever summer I am either giving tours or we are camping there like all the time and  I just enjoy doing it.. I used CIN on the picture..


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This is a part of my life because we fish all the time we are a outdoors kind of family we love to do it. so the pic of the kids fishing is a part of my life. I used CIN on this picture.

Deer and Animals

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This picture of this deer that is hurt is a part of my life because we are always helping animals so this pic of a injured deer in the house is a part of my life because I love animals and wild life and helping them. I used Black ice.