Rapid Response Monitoring - Industry Leader

Rapid Response is the leader is wholesale monitoring. Their people are the most sought after because they are the most rigorously trained and dedicated in the industry. Their technologies are state-of-the-art and consistently ahead of competitors. As a team member or a Dealer with Rapid Response, they are assured of growth both personally and professionally. Rapid Response Monitoring is years ahead of their competitors.

Rapid Response Monitoring's 40,000 square-foot facility is protected 24/7 by analytic video surveillance integrated into three DVR's, plus continually upgraded biometric access controls and multi-agency approved fail safes. Rapid Response Monitoring provides stellar service from one of the most secure monitoring centers in the nation. Experience the synergies of great people, great training and great technology working together in harmony.

Rapid Response offers clients superior technology, training and Control Center Specialists that work to build a personal business relationship that is rare in the industry today. They provide clients with seamless access to critical information, along with unmatched personal customer service, putting their clients business light years ahead of the competition.

Rapid Response Monitoring's multi-layered alarm processing redundancy is built on a full gigabit fiber optic backbone. Workstations communicate via Cisco 2950 series hubs with redundant fiber optic links connected through two Cisco Catalyst 6509 core switches with a duplicated processor and power options package. Rapid Response Monitoring's Ten IBM AIX servers with dual gigabit network cards and dual power supplies maintain real-time RAID 10 lockstep mirroring. Rapid Response Monitoring's system is light years ahead of the competition.

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