Figurative Language Song Project
by Stefany and Cheyenne!

  • Simon and Garfunkel- Bridge Over Troubled Water. (simile)  because the water is not really troubled.
  • 1:18-1:28
  • cashin out freestyle- Metaphor ( My closet got more sneaks than a foot locker.) because he does not have more sneakers then a footlocker.
  • 0:23 - 0:26
  • Everyday is a winding road- Metaphor because days can be rough.
  • 1:01 -1:06 1:09
  • The wind cries Mary- personification. ( The wind whispers Mary) The wind does not whisper or cries to Mary.
  • 0:38-0:44
  • What's left of me-hyperbole(I feel you,crawling underneath my skin, like a hunger, like a burnin.)  Because he doesnt really feel someone crawling underneath his skin because that isnt possible for that to happen.
  • 0:40-0:49


  • Teenage dream, Katy perry. Metaphor;Her heart doesnt really stop, she just likes him alot.
  • 00:56-1:09
  • Diamonds, Rihanna. Smilie - Comparing beautiful people to beautiful stars.
  • 00:20-00:26
  • Hey there delilah, Plain White T's. Metaphor-Saying Delilah shines as bright as Time Square. Because Delilah doesn't really shine as bright as Time Square.
  • 00:00-00:15
  • Die young, Ke$ha. Personification-Adding a heart beat to drums.
  • I got some weight on my shoulders, to me it's like feathers, hyperbole. Because he doesn't really have feathers on his shoulders.
  • 0:53- 0:56

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