A Day To Remember

  • Jeremy mckinnon-vocals
    neil westfall-guitar
    Kevin skaff-guitar
    Joshua woodard-bass
    alex shellnutt-drums

A Day to Remember is a band that combines metalcore and pop punk from Ocala, Florida, United States formed in 2003. Their music generally consists of growled verses, clean pop-punk style choruses and breakdowns.

Favourite Quotes From ADTR

  • Keep your hopes up high and your head down Low!
  • Playing my songs is the way I cope with life, Wont keep my voice down because the words i speak are the thoughts i think out loud.
  • Have Faith In Me cause their are things that i've seen i don't believe
  • If you take it from me live your life for yourself, because when its all said and done you don't need anyone else!
  • You should know things aren't always what they seem
  • Your the reason things have to change
  • So tell me whats so wrong with me that you could leave so easily

My favourite songs by ADTR

April 7th I will be attending a ADTR Concerts with Mice&Men and Issues

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