Google Searching Tips

Google Will Finish Your Phrase

If you can't remember a word to a certain phrase, or you don't know a lyric to a song, add an asterisk where the word would go (all within quotation marks) and Google will finish it for you.

Compare Foods

If you aren't able to choose what you want for dinner, put a "vs" in between two foods you are trying to choose from, and Google will pull up a side-by-side comparison of the two foods.


If you want to learn the definition of a word, even slang, type "DEFINE:" followed by the word or acronym you are trying to look up.

Set a Timer

If you need to set a timer but aren't anywhere near a stopwatch, Google can set a timer for you. All you need to do is enter "set timer for" followed by your desired amount of time and then hit start.

Search for a Sunrise/Sunset

If you ever find yourself wondering what time sunrise or sunset was in a particular place, all you have to do is enter "sunrise" or "sunset" and the zip code or city, and Google will find it for you.

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