Jazmin's Poems

Put together by: Sampson Awesomeness

Distressed Poet

The Forgotten

I forgot when they said that I had time to live
I remembered the upset that I chose to give
I forgot when my parents said “we love you so much”
I remembered when they said to look and don’t touch
But I still did and the memories swell up inside
I remembered all the loved ones I watched while they died
But when I try to reminisce I remember the bad things
When I try to forget I remember when the birds sing
But I still care.

When we die do the loved choose to remember or forget?
When I cry is it cause I remembered what I did
Or is this life just a box of what ifs and could haves
When I laugh is it a sign that I’m always sad, and I am
Because when life gives you lemons you sell them, this is true
Is the sky really black or is it just different shades of blue
Because we grow up learning to express our opinions
But when a man says “that’s blue” we just smile and give in
This is how life is and that’s how it’ll be because living on this planet
Means forgetting is guaranteed

- Jazmin Brooks

The Troubled

I saw you passing through a field
Like you’re bursting into flames
I heard you say there’s nothing left to love
And there’s nothing left to gain

Look into the room of fears
And the sea of broken dreams
Always remember when your parents told you
That nothing is as it seems

Look to me with your troubled eyes
And your mind clouded with empty thoughts
I heard you say that you’ve lost your faith
That what you remember is what you forgot

Get out of your head there’s
No more room for you to stay
Even though it’s the best place to be
When you just want to get away

A little sparrow flying through the sky
All it does is rest and fly
It’s free to soar but what no one knows
Is it gets more time to fail and less time to grow

When he dies does the blind man get to see
The great things he did and what he got to be
Cause when a seeing man dies his visions are dim
What he gets to see is what could’ve been

“I love you!” shouted the now hateful man
To the woman he once used to love
That’s all he would ever do to show
Her before she was floating up above

Can we please go to the place we were promised?
As the land of the brave and the home of the free
Because walking here on this tired ground
Shows us where we will always be

We’ve forgotten what it’s like to be loved by all
Its judgment day but not the one known to fall
It’s the one we grew up around the one building fear
The one that brings a human eye to fill with tears

The troubled are often the ones to believe that
The day they die is when they get to rest
But to others the day they die
Has them breathing harshly in their chest

I’d like to think we’re all happy here
But unfortunately that’s a lie
Cause many people in this messed up land
Will be grateful when they die

When I was little I couldn't wait to grow
And get to travel the entire world
But if I could have one wish right now
I would like to stay that little girl

This tale I tell you now is harsh
But only to those voices in your head
And all the good thoughts you've come to love
Will tell the faithful souls to be happy instead

-Jazmin Brooks