Story By Lexi Albert Photos By Sadie Schwake

Not to long ago there was a little boy named Max. This boy was 5 years old and was just starting kindergarten. Even though they were only 5 days into school he was picked on by so many students. They beat him up and called him names. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and made a plan…

When he got off the bus on his seventh and last day of school he went to the back door and slowly walked out. He knew no one was home yet but he was scared out of his mind. He didn't want to leave but he didn't want to go to school and he was also scared of talking to his parents about it. Finally he made up his mind and ran.

Later that afternoon his mom walks in the house.

“Max. Im home.”

No response. She walks around the house looking for him. Eventually she comes to find a note tucked under his pillow in his room. She reads it slowly and carefully as he describes in detail what he has been going through at school and at the very bottom in very neat handwriting are the words LOVE YOU.

She runs to the front door and screams the worst scream you have ever heard. She falls on the the porch and cries. A few minutes later she gets up and walks to the back door and finds that it is open. How did she not see this when she first got here? She walks out the door and there is the mud are Max’s shoe prints. She follows the prints until they take her to the road 7 miles behind their home.

She stares off into the hot emptiness. There is nothing out there. No sign of anyone and no sign that anyone will ever show up. The road she is on is a road traveled by no one and her son is forever gone all because school.

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