Female Condom

Halie Miller

The female condom is a great way to have control over your body.

how does it work?

The female condom is a type of contraception that stops sperm from meeting an egg. It loosely lines the vagina to form a barrier that stops the sperm getting through.

  • Place the closed end into your vagina, holding the soft inner ring between your finger and thumb.
  • Then push the condom as far up your vagina as possible, making sure that the outer ring stays outside your vagina at all times.


The female can only be used once. After one course of sexual activity you must dispose of the contraceptive.

The female condom is used for the man and the woman. The difference is the female condom is inserted in the vagina rather than on the penis.


The female condom lets the body remain the same. It stops the semen from entering the vagina, therefore the sperm cannot meet the egg.

it keeps you protected !!

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