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For the week of April 17, 2015


“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.”

– Barbara Pletcher

Libraries: Debra Marshall

April marks the 30th Anniversary of School Library Month.

Coppell ISD school libraries provide materials for educators and learners that will encourage growth and knowledge and develop literary, cultural, aesthetic appreciation, and ethical standards. CISD libraries strive to meet the individual needs of our learners by providing extensive collections that are premier in the state.

In addition to providing reading materials, our Coppell ISD Libraries develop programs to foster enthusiasm and a love for reading, such as book clubs, author visits and individual reader’s advisory.

CISD librarians collaborate with educators on instruction, maintain a robust collection and serve the intellectual needs of their school community.

Click on the link to hear Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore’s PSA about the importance of school libraries. She is AASL’s official spokesperson for this year’s celebration.

Science: Linda Cook


Secondary Science Content Specialists will meet this Thursday from 4:00 - 5:00 pm at CMS North in Dean Boykin's room. We will continue our discussion of grading practices, will discuss our vision for CISD secondary science education, and will begin designing our work for next year.

Project Wild/Project Wild Aquatic training is a full day immersion into a K-12 curriculum focused on issues of wildlife and resource management, components of a healthy environment, and sustainability. Linda will be providing this training on May 9th from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm at the Biodiversity Education Center within the Coppell Nature Park. Registration is now open through Eduphoria.

The Annual Music in the Park Dinner at the Biodiversity Education Center of the Coppell Nature Park is May 2nd. This year we will feature art work highlighting native plants and animals from 1st and 2nd grade learners at Austin Elementary. Reservations and ticket purchases may be made from this link:


We received many compliments from community members for CISD schools' participation in last weekend's Earth Fest. I loved hearing learners share their research on ways to reduce their carbon footprint, designs for outdoor learning spaces, and creative ways for re-purposing, reducing and recycling resources. Thank you to the campus sustainability reps for leading your schools in these efforts.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Please encourage your students to participate in a trash-free lunch on this date. This would also be a great day to walk to (or at) school.

May 14th will be our all day gardening and composting training. Thank you for letting us know who will be attending. We will have a presentation by Real School Gardens, training by the Coppell Community Garden volunteers, and visits to the school garden at Town Center Elementary and the community garden at city hall. Lunch will be provided by Jean Mosley and Helen Duran.

Professional Learning: Laurie O'Neill

Dates: June 23 – 26, 2015 @ Coppell High School


RtI Updates/Training

When: Monday, June 8th

Time: 8:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Where: Lee Elementary Cafeteria

Who: All Campus Principals and Asst. Principals; All Curriculum Department

Dr. Ervin Knezak


When: Wednesday, June 17 and Thursday, June 18

Time: 8:00 – 3:30

Where: Board Room

Who: All Campus Principals (Asst. Principals are invited to attend); All Curriculum Department

CISD Summer Literacy Conference

Dates: June 15 – 17, 2015

Please remind staff to register in Eduphoria if they plan to attend the Summer Literacy Conference. Registration will close on June 1st. Questions? Please email either Laurie O’Neill or Heather Cato

NTRC Summer Visioning Conference

When: July 21 and 22

Where: Allen ISD – PAC Center

Who: All Campus Administrators; All Curriculum Department

(more information to come in May/June 2015)

Convocation 2015

Please complete, at your earliest convenience, the spreadsheet for the District Convocation t-shirts. These shirts will be worn to Convocation on 8/21/15 by all CISD staff.

Also, please remember to upload to the Google folder the 6-8 photos of your campus from this school year, as well as upload photos of TEAM accomplishments. Questions? Please reference email sent by me on Monday, April 6th.

Weekly Smile

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Assessment: Debbie Youngs


Just a reminder that prior to the April/May 2015 STAAR testing and training, your campus needs to view and discuss the PPT over Active Monitoring at this site:

The Curriculum Department has also had an opportunity to view the above PPT and will be utilizing a different monitoring form when visiting campuses. The link to the Monitoring form is:

The Curriculum Department has also been provided a schedule to use for campus visitations on testing dates. The link to the schedule is:


While districts and campuses will still receive results, the following assessments will not contribute to the district/campus accountability rating:

Results of STAAR assessments in mathematics for grades 3-8 will be excluded from all four indexes and distinction designations.

Results of STAAR A and STAAR ALT 2 assessments for all subjects and grade levels and EOC tests will be excluded from all four indexes and distinction designations.


In grades 3-8, reading, science, and social studies will weigh more heavily in an Index.

For grades 5 and 8, the state will take the best score of the first two reading tests given for state accountability (March and April assessments). If a child failed STAAR in March and the ARD/504 Committee changes to STAAR A for the May test, there will not be a “best out of two” scenario. Since STAAR A will not contribute to state accountability, the initial STAAR failure will be used for state accountability.

Changes in Distinction Designations

Index Info

The target score for Index I will increase from 55 to 60; no target score changes for Index 2-4.

To receive a rating of Met Standard, the campus or district must meet three of the indices for 2015 state accountability.

o Either Index 1 or Index 2

o Index 3

o Index 4

Inclusion Changes for ELLs

Parent Denials: If the LEP learner is in their second-fourth year in U.S. schools, then they will be included in Index 1 at the Phase-in 1 Level II (satisfactory) standard. For Index 3, these learners will be included at the Phase-in I Level II (satisfactory) and Level III (advanced) standards.

The ELL student group for Index 2 will be expanded to include both current ELLs and monitored ELLs in their first and second years after exiting ELL status.

For more detailed information about the changes, please visit the following sites:


The exclusion of math in grades 3-8, STAAR A, and STAAR ALT 2 is for state accountability only. Therefore, in essence, we will have two accountability systems this year – state and federal. Math, then, can still be an area on System Safeguards at the federal accountability level.


SB 149 is one step closer to being passed after the House Public Education Committee unanimously voted in favor of the bill. SB 149 would allow a learner who passes all classes but fails no more than one EOC exam to graduate with the unanimous approval of an individual graduation committee composed of teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents. This bill will now go before the full House of Representatives.


4/13-14: PREK Testing

4/20: STAAR 3-8 Grades 5 and 8 Math

4/21: STAAR 3-8 Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 Math

4/21: STAAR 3-8 Grade 8 Social Studies

4/22: STAAR 3-8 Grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 Reading

4/22: STAAR 3-8 Grades 5 and 8 Science

4/24: STAAR Make-up Deadline

4/27-5/22: MAP EOY Window

Grades K-8 Reading and Math

Grades 3-8 Science

5/4-5/8: STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, and US History

5/4-5/15: AP Exams

Advanced Academics: Deana Harrell

Additional Evaluation Instruments

Listed below are the evaluation instruments currently available in Appraise. Please let me know if there are other evaluations you need that have not been transferred over.

Evaluations Available in Appraise:



Instructional Aide

Secretary to the Principal

Office/Clerical Assistant

Clinic Aide


Appraisers will have to go into Eduphoria, select the staff member and indicate the instrument by which the staff member is being evaluated.

If you have any questions, contact me.

House Bill 5

Campus Principals – Action Item

If you have not already done so, please send me a name of a campus representative for the HB5 Community-Based Accountability committee, which will be convening in April. This should be a community/parent representative.

Love and Logic Training

The CISD counseling department is excited to offer Love and Logic Training for parents in Spanish at Denton Creek Elementary this spring. There are limited spots available. Campus counselors will begin publicizing the training to your campus’ next week. Please note the dates and times for the training below.

Spanish Love and Logic Training (40 spots available)

o April 27th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

o May 4th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

o May 11th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

o May 18th - Denton Creek Library 6:00-7:30

GT Updates

The GTi Specialists and I have created several 6 hour modules available for the GT 6 hour update, however, the release of those modules is on hold for reasons beyond our control. As soon as they become available, we will open enrollment in Eduphoria. Please tell your staff members to submit any training they have done this year that directly relates to serving the needs of GT learners to Eduphoria and I will approve those hours as appropriate.


Elementary GTi Meetings are scheduled for the following dates/locations:

May 21st – 8:30-3:30 at Austin Elementary

June 2nd – 8:30-3:30 at Pinkerton Elementary


Counselor meetings have been set for the year. Please see the dates below.

Elementary Counselors Secondary Counselors

April 16th from 8:30-11:30 April 16th from 12:00-3:00

May 14th from 8:30-11:30 May 14th from 12:00-3:00


Nominations are still open. Please visit the following website to nominate a deserving educator.

Social Studies/CTE: Jon-Eric Ziaer


Social Studies

The Social Studies Instructional Materials committee has concluded the pilot phase and we are now finalizing details for our recommendations for the Board and Dr. Waldrip in May.

Ms. Kindberg(CMS-North) and her 8th graders travelled to Denton Creek Elementary to assist in social studies instruction with 5th grade classes. It was a great opportunity for both groups of learners to interact and participate in the learning process.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

CTE educators at both Coppell High School and New Tech High @ Coppell are working this spring to design learning experiences that support aspects of the newly designed House Bill 5(HB5) Endorsement Pathways on each campus.

“Attitude gives the impossible one more chance at Success!”

Homework Committee: Penny Tramel

The Homework Committee will now be a Grading Practices Committee and we will incorporate the homework element into that committee. A Google doc has been shared with all principals in order to input names of individuals to serve on the committee. Meeting dates are: May 6 from 3:30-5:00; May 12 from 3:30-5:00; and May 18 from 3:30-5:00. I realize that for secondary this will mean choosing someone who has the last period of the day free. In communicating with parents and educators, the purpose of the meeting will be to establish updated grading beliefs for the district and to visit homework parameters. We will being and end each meeting on time and there will be homework in the form of reading prior to some of the meetings.

Satisfaction Surveys: Angie Hux

We will be sending parent and learner satisfaction surveys within the next month. I have attached the questions that we used previously, and would appreciate any feedback. I will need any input by Wednesday, April 15th.

Thanks all!