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                                                                Big Question

                                                     How do teens show strength in bad times?

The Sky is Everywhere:

- Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, bookworm /band geek, plays second clarinet yet spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey.

- But Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie, Gram, and Uncle Big are stuck in a state depression that takes a while to overcome.

- Lennie attempts to cope with her loss by leaving notes and poems throughout the town. Written on the notes and poems are often conversations Lennie had with Bailey before she died.

- despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two.

-Toby was Bailey’s boyfriend and his grief mirrors Lennie’s own. Joe is the new boy in town, a transplant from Paris whose nearly magical grin is matched only by his musical talent.

- For Lennie, they’re the sun and the moon; one boy takes her out of her sorrow, the other comforts her in it. But just like their celestial counterparts, they can’t collide without the whole wide world exploding.

big Question: How do teens show strength in bad times?

Lennie shows strength when she has to deal with Bailey's death. First she falls into a deep depression and stops doing the things she normally does and then she starts to find her way. She makes some bad choices while dealing with her grief - Nearly sleeping and falling for Toby- But she comes to make the right choice and finds her way out of the depression thanks to the help of Joe.  

(“Grief is forever. It doesn't go away; it becomes part of you, step for step, breath for breath.” Lennie)

Thoughts on book:

I really liked this book. "The Sky is everywhere" is a great book that has a romantic yet sad genre and I could find multiple things in this book that related to me so much. Not only the having to be strong but also the need to find myself. I really enjoyed this book. Its a great story for if you need a little emotion.  If you want a book to curl up on a gloomy night/day well grab a mug of hot cocoa and a blanket, a sappy movie and this book; its a wonderful book.

I heart you, You haunt me:

- This book is a love story with a freaky twist. Ava is a teen who has a boyfriend named Jackson. Well Jackson ends up dying because he did a dare that Ava gave him. He jumped off a high cliff and hit his head off a rock which caused him to drown. The book starts at Jackson's funeral;

- Ava feels guilt because she thinks she killed Jackson. Here's the twist, Jackson comes back as a ghost and Ava is at first ecstatic but soon she realizes that its kinda hard to have a boyfriend that is a ghost. Soon she tells him that he has to go and he agrees but only after making her promise that she gives him her guilt to take with him.

- Afterwards she sees him one last time in the window and he looks different not as sad he looks normal and happy. After that she becomes happy and moves on she knows she will always love him but that she has to keep living.  

-("It reminds me over and over and over again, I'm the reason why my boyfriend is gone" Ava p. 6)  

-(" Ok I will go. But only if you give me your guilt to take with me: Jackson p. 203)

Big Question: How do teens show strength in bad times?

I heart you, You haunt me answers the big question because of Ava. Ava had to overcome her grief and guilt when Jackson died. She loved him a lot and when he dies she feels lost and horrible because she thinks its her dare that killed him. She has to battle with the depression of her boyfriend dying and with her world changing because of it.

My thoughts:

I heart you,You haunt me is a wonderfully written book. This book shows the struggles a teen girl faces when she loses the guy she loves. Its a major tear fest but its also a really great look into the world of a girl who feels like she killed her boyfriend.  Its a wonderful book on the struggles a teen has on coping with the loss of her boyfriend and the guilt of how he died. This book is an amazing book. I loved reading this book and its a well written piece.

How to save a life:

- This book is in two points of view. Jill MacSweeney is the first point of view to pop up in the book. She is a teen that just wants life to go back to normal.

- Jill lost her father and she falls into a depression but she is in a self destructive depression. She becomes this Gothic/Punk chick and starts to isolate herself from everyone. Her boyfriend and her friends even her mom.

- Jill's mom suddenly decides to adopt a baby thinking it would make things better and the baby she decides to adopt belongs to Mandy Kalinowski  - the second point of view -  a teen mother who has no clue who the baby's father is.

-She hopes its a guy she met at a carnival and not her mother's boyfriend who sexually assaulted her. Mandy is a scared teen who knows what its like to not be wanted. Her mother regrets having her and she has no clue who her father is.

-At the start Jill hates Mandy but after a while she starts to like Mandy.

("Not that i'm unfamiliar with stubbornness, and not that I have done a fantastic job of handling my grief. But at least I've tried to limit the stupid stuff I've done so I'm the only one to get hurt." Jill p.4)  

("This is what I'm saying, this is what made me want to cry. It felt personal abandonment. Knowing no one really cares if you stay or if you go or if you freeze" Mandy)

Big question: how do teens show strength in bad times?

How to save a life is a great example on how teens show strength in bad times. Not only does Jill learn to let go of what she couldn't change but she also makes up for being mean to Mandy by having her mom adopt Mandy. Mandy shows strength in the way she was willing to give up her baby just so the baby would be loved. Also she shows strength when she tells Jill's mom about her past and everything.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book! I really got into reading How to save a life  mostly because it was so easy to relate to many of the things in it. I loved how Jill goes from this depressed girl who snaps at everyone and is so hateful to remembering how her father would help anyone and she starts to become her old self. kinda sweet and still a little feisty. How to save a life is a really great read for a night you can't sleep. a wonderfully written book on being a teen mom and overcoming the loss of a loved one.

Girl Interrupted:

- Girl interrupted is a memoir of Susanna Kaysen's 18 month stay at a mental hospital on a female psych-ward After she tries to commit suicide by overdosing.

- Susanna spends 18 long months in this hospital with several other young women.

- During her time in the hospital she realizes that while she and the other girls are in the hospital they are safe and yet kind of not safe at the same time. Susanna is diagnosed with Borderline Personality  Disorder (BPD). Susanna comes to realize that in a weird way while she is in the hospital she and the other girls are free.

( In a strange way we were free. We'd reached the end of the line. We had nothing more to lose. Our privacy, our liberty, our dignity: all of this was gone and we were stripped down to the bare bones of our selves” Susanna). After a while she gets better and is allowed to leave.

big question: How do teens show strength in bad times?

Susanna is a perfect Example of showing strength is a bad time. She shows strength when she tries to kill herself then tries to get better. Susanna does a complete turn about with her life. She has some hard times while going through all of this but she manages to make it through it. Susanna was a great example on showing strength in bad times.

My thoughts:

I didn't really like Girl Interrupted. Mostly because it was kinda morbid in the way it talked about the girls' pasts and what they were in the hospital for. like how one girl set herself on fire. How another one always ended up running away from the hospital. So I really didn't like Girl interrupted at all.

Big question and Me:

Girl Interrupted Didn't really connect to my life other than having depression. Which sucks but beside the point of the depression I couldn't really find anything that related to me. While there were many things that I didn't relate to or hated about this book I believe that there is someone out there that would enjoy this book

Big question and Students today:

Many students go through "phases" where they become depressed and try to harm themselves (Mainly suicidal thoughts). Students of today will always have problems with depression, that is just part of being a teen. But some teens will have depression and it will be permanent, while they may learn to live with it the depression and suicidal thoughts will always be there. It will never go away. Students can connect to the book by Susanna's fight against depression. They can connect to the question by the way they have to be strong even when they feel like they can't.

My answer on the Big question: How do teens show strength in bad times?

To me teens show strength by first dealing with their grief and then learning to be happy again. Teens show strength when they fight cancer or face a big fear. there are multiple ways a teen shows strength sometimes it happens when we least expect it and sometimes we know we are showing it. but in the end we have to keep showing strength because sometimes being strong is all we have left.

Book Seller:

If I had to choose between the four books I read I would most defiantly have to choose The Sky is everywhere. This book is an incredible story of teen love and confusion with a bit of getting lost and finding yourself again. The way Lennie tells this story is not only beautiful but you are hooked from page one. The Sky is everywhere is also a really great book that tugs at your heart strings multiple times. If you want a book that brings both smiles and tears then this book would be perfect for you. or if you just want a book that is great for cuddling up on a couch or bed with some hot cocoa and a sappy movie on a gloomy day The Sky is everywhere makes a great read.

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