What social media is around and what is it used for?

Social media is used primarily for forms of communication through the internet and it has existed for several years. Examples of major social media channels are Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. these are used build communities, make friends and share ideas and opinions, this can also be used for the spreading hate.

Social media channels can be similar and different to each other, Facebook allows the user to create a list of friends that they can talk to, create posts and statuses for people to see, share images and videos and create pages, groups and communities. Tumblr has some similar characteristics such as posting and a newsfeed but users have usernames instead of Facebook's real name system, it also allows for the creation of themed blogs and Ask blogs. due to an anonymous messaging system and username system Tumblr  tends to have a lot of hate being passed around. there are also a lot of extremists that are rarely seen on Facebook since Facebook is less anonymous.

Some specialist social media sites such as Deviantart and soundcloud can be used by artists to share and show off their work. people can usually comment on work, sometimes for support, sometimes for hate.

Why do we use social media?

I use social media to communicate to friends and family without seeing them in person, I also use it for sharing digital images with them.

some pros of social media are: being able to communicate in real time over great distances. getting news on current events quickly, planning events without having to meet up and being able to distribute digital images instantaneously.

some cons of social media are: cyberbullying and people seeing personal things (these can be countered with block and privacy settings) another con is the possibility of someone taking control of the account and posting personal, negative or inappropriate content.

I think businesses or self employed creative people use social media because it allows them to self advertise and share their work and services but can be problematic because of opinions of the company and complaints.

social media for personal and business use differs in several ways, personal use has more personal and opinionated content whereas business use is usually more professional and politically neutral.

What are the risks of social media?

one major risk is cyberbullying, cyberbullying is bullying over the internet or other forms of electronic communication, this can be reduced by blocking and reporting the other user.

Another risk is stalking; it is possible for people you may not know to look at your personal profile without your knowledge, this can be reduced by having strict privacy settings although it is generally impossible to stop all together.

Your social media activity can impact your employability and employment if you post something negative about your employers or if you post racist/sexist content.

There are things on social media that can get users in trouble so be careful what pages you like, people you are friends with and things that you follow because some can have questionable content.

when using social media i usually keep my privacy settings on strict so only friends can see my posts and only friends of friends can send me friend requests.

Businesses and the self employed can face risks on social media as well, such as bad reviews, incorrect posts and content and opinions that can offend the audience.

businesses can reduce risks by promoting company philosophy, avoiding conflict, and by keeping business and personal posts separate to avoid negative reputations.  

Thinking about social networks, which site would be used for what?

Facebook would primarily be used to communicate with friends and family, twitter would be used for quick media sharing, Tumblr would be used for blogs.

sites like Twitter and Facebook can be used for advertising for businesses amd the self employed, they can set up pages and share information with their audiences, the audience could grow if the content were specifically targeted at a certain group of people.

An audience could be found by adding new things to attract more people and followers, the page would want to identify a key target audience linked by age, economic group or by common interest.

The pages could engage with their audience by asking for suggested content, through feedback, personalisation and creating content specifically for the audience.

Setting up a new social media account

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