Alishia Perry

The Best 2thousand13

My 2013

So like my year was crazy, yet the best and fun! My family got in 3 car crashes and hit a Javelina with our Mercedes. Getting in those car crashes brought good and bad because 1)our cars got damaged 2) each person that was in a car accident got money around a couple thousand for themselves because they sorta got hurt. Also when I got off a bus one afternoon to walk home I was entering the gate code then a car rolled up and didn't see my foot and ran over it, it hurt a lot! But in the end I got icream and went shopping so I was fine. I caught a baby quail and a rabbit and many lizards from making my own cages in 2013. I went to wet and wild, but my sister got dehydrated and passed out, but it still was fun. I went to six flags and was in the front row of the goliath, and while we were there my brother threw up, but still it was fun. Every stupid accident that happens on vines often happens to me, for example: I was running on a treadmill and fell and rolled to the back(check the 3 video for a pretty close example of what happened to me). My dad is in a new business and since he was a former NFL player the company does a lot of interviews and stuff with him and they asked him to write a book which he started in 2013 and when he finishes he will be going on tour and I will be going with him(the whole family). In 2013 I was on television for a Academic program. When I went to Oregon in the summer there were deer's in the backyard and we took pictures. My friend came into town from Oregon and I didn't have to go to school for a couple of days. The rest of 2013 I was practically getting myself killed. Most of the time when I would curl my hair I burned my arm, ear, thumb, neck, and hand. I improved the invention of a mobilized closet and actually created it with tools and with my hands. I went to Out of Africa and fed a giraffe and touched an Ostrich and saw a show where a white tiger was swimming and doing jumps it was pretty awesome(check the 1 video, but picture the exact same place but with white tigers). By the way im madly in love with One Direction!. So yeah this was my 2013, the 2013, and the BEST 2thousand13! Now bye.

Tiger Jumping @ Out of Africa

Listen to Ariana Grande!

Treadmill fails this is what happened to me

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