Melt-Proof Container

From the minds of Physical Science 9
From: Isaac Rainey, Erica Larijani, Anna Welch, Ashley Siegle


     Item                         Cost per Unit              Number of Units Used        Total Cost

      Felt                                 $0.25                                       4                                 $1.00

Wax Paper                            $0.15                                       6                                  $0.90

Cotton Balls                          $0.05                                       50                                $2.50

Tape                                        $0.10                                      25                                   $2.50

Small Plates                         $0.15                                        2                                    $0.30

Large Plates                         $0.30                                         1                                    $0.30

                                               Total                                         88                                   $7.50

   Test #                                           Time                             Temperature in Celsius

      1                                                 11:40                                           -10

       2                                                12:40                                            -9

      3                                                 1:40                                                -6

      4                                                 2:40                                                 -2

My group decided on using a group of insulators to keep out the heat and keep in the cold. We started by creating a shell of felt and keeping it held up with a surrounding layer of wax paper and tape. Then we froze water- infused cotton balls and put them around the frozen water. Lastly, we put a cover of wax paper and a cut paper plate over top. It was sealed off with tape and we waited for the results.

We had decided to use those specific items not only because they were available, but because they would be good insulators. The cotton balls and felt, which is some what like the insulation used in some houses, were used as the main coolers in the meaning that they would keep in the cool air. The only reason we actually used the plates and wax paper was because an item was needed to keep the felt standing up.

                                                          Job Analysis

1. We thought the product met the design specifications because, just as we had planned it, we used multiple insulators.

2. The total cost was $7.50

3. My team did work well together. Whenever ideas were given, they were at least taken into consideration and there weren't any arguments as far as I'm concerned.

4. This group, to me, worked together good, but it could have gone better as in a smoother designing and building process.

5. The biggest challenge for us was preparing the original design and all agreeing on it, too.

6. This job could have been easier if other group members were a little more focused on the task at hand.

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