Kinetic and Potential Energy

By Haley Jurgensen

Here are examples for Potential and Kinetic Energy.  When your sitting at the top of the side it's potential energy because your sitting still.  When your pushing something like a ball for instance down a slide it is kinetic energy.

Examples of Kinetic Energy

If your going up a hill you have Kinetic Energy, because you are moving along with going down a hill you have Kinetic Energy, because Kinetic Energy is energy that is in motion.  A rubber band that is flung out of your fingers has Kinetic Energy.  Along with moving a skateboard.

where is the kinetic energy (measured in joules, J)
m = mass of the the object (measured in kg)
v = velocity of the object (measured in ms−1).

                    Examples of Potential Energy

If your staying still at the top of a hill you have Potential Energy, because Potential Energy is energy that stays still.  When a rubber band is in your fingers waiting to be flung it has Potential Energy.  Along with when your just standing on a skate board.

When you stop at the top of the roller coster it's Potential Energy.  When you go down or up the roller coaster it's kinetic energy.

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