Best Solution for Hair Growth – Rogaine Shampoo

Hair loss can be a devastating discovery in both men and women. This is especially so when self-esteem suffers and the person enduring the development simply feels less attractive, less virile or less youthful as a result. Rogaine shampoocan provide the key necessary to enable both men and women alike to fight back against certain types of hair loss.

Those who are exploring Rogaine or other similar products as a solution to hair loss may find that shampoo products make the most sense for them. There are some things to understand about hair loss shampoos and other products before diving into use, however:

How it Works

Rogaine shampoo and other similar products work courtesy of the active ingredient Minoxidil. This chemical is able to reactive the hair’s natural growth process by stimulating the hair follicles themselves. When hereditary hair loss is the issue, follicles tend to shrink, which promotes hair loss. Rogaine shampoohelps address the shrinkage while promoting natural hair growth.

Why Shampoo?

Rogaine shampoois one of the best delivery methods for Minoxidil because of its ease and simplicity. It is very easy to forget to take medications, but shampooing is something most people do every day as part of their routine. Add to this the fact that shampooing delivers the Minoxidil directly to the scalp and it becomes clear why so many men and women prefer this method for treating hair loss.

Does Dosing Matter?

Many men and women find themselves wondering why separate products are made for the genders. Men’s Rogaine shampoo,for example, tends to contain minoxidil 5%formulations whereas those products made for women are set at 2%. This is simply because minoxidil is a medication, make no mistake. The dosing is different because it needs to be to deliver effective results and safety alike. Women and men respond to minoxidil differently, thus the slight variant in strength.

Who is it Right For?

Rogaine shampoo is designed to be effective for helping combat hereditary hair loss. It may not work, for example, for illness-related hair loss, medication-related thinning and in other circumstances. Women who are pregnant or nursing may want to consult with their doctors before using a hair loss shampoo.

Hair loss doesn’t have to be inevitable. When the cause is heredity, Rogaine shampoocan often reverse the process and help men and women alike regrowth their own, natural hair.

About the Company

Minoxidil-Direct is a leading provider of hair loss products including Rogaine shampoo to consumers throughout the United Kingdom. The company specializes in a variety of formulations, such as minoxidil 5% and 2% products. Through its website, consumers can have their hair loss products they need delivered right to their doors.