Hominids: Doubly Wise Man

by: Helena Ta

Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Physical description

Scientist have tried to figure out what doubly wise man looked like. The scientist have came up with many descriptions. Scientists say doubly wise man had a highly rounded skull and a large brain. Also doubly wise man had slender bones and small teeth.


Doubly wise man was able to make shelter, clothes, and tools. So that tells me for clothes doubly wise man found some animal fur to use. For shelter it tells me doubly Wiseman was able to tree trunks to make his shelter. Now for tools doubly wise was able to use rocks and stones to make the tools.


Some capabilities doubly wise man had was to make better clothes, shelter, and tools. The clothes would help keep him and his group warm on cold days. The shelter would let him and his group sleep there. The tools would help his group catch food to eat. Another capability doubly wise man had was able to sew animal skin together, which would help him and his group make some clothes.

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