Radioactive Wolves

26 years ago, on April 26, 1986, reactor number 4 at the Cheronobyl nuclear power station blew up. It either killed or drove out everything within 1,938,100 acres. Finally after more than 20 years animals make there return back to the "death zone". A feared creature to the Russians, the wolf, was one of the creatures to return.

Many scientists make short and quick trips into the death zone to study the wolves way of living. Scientists have captured and put collars on a few wolves and are tracking all of there movements. One wolf captured was named boy because it was still very young. Scientists have found animal bodies from where wolves killed them and found that the bodies are radioactive and have radiation in there diets.

These radioactive wolves have learned to adapt to the changes in there environment. Other animals have also made the adaptation and thrive in the "death zone". There is an estimated 300+ wolves in the zone. Here they can live like real wolves should be able to live. They hunt and stay in packs. These wolves and other animals have made shocking adaptations to the nuclear waste in the area.  

Radioactive wolves document on PBS

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