Scratch Advanced Project

Introduction  #1

I chose Scratch. I chose scratch because it's very simple. Also, it's interesting! I do not plan to do this in the future. I'm interested in something else, not scratch. But, it would have been a good idea of doing it in the future. I learned/investigated that you could make your own game.

Intro Reasearch

Entry #2

What did I do to plan/learn my project?

I used advanced keys and buttons. Those made my project even better, harder than usual.

They also made my game more adventurous.

Further Introduction Reasearch  
Entry #3

What did I do to further investigate my project?

I watched some videos on how to use the operators and sensing buttons.

New things I found out

I found out that scratch is really easy. All you need to do is pay attention to the keys. I'm better at scratch now.

My Scratch Game  

My scratch project is somewhat complex. It has many buttons and you would need to know how to use scratch before you use my game. My game, keeps score as something happens. Mine is advanced for sure. Today, I learned how to make a block to kepp score of something.

What are you finding out while doing your project

At first, it was a bit hard for me. Usually, I don't do a complex game on scratch. This time, I figured out how to make your own block, or add an extension. I have accomplished  a lot more than before.           

What SPECIAL terms do you need to know?
Entry #7

You would need to know what sensing is what operator blocks are. Sprites,loops from the control. Coding, they are all things used in Scratch. You should also know what  repeat blocks, If...then....else.  Or wait until block.

Other Questions and Information
Entry #8

I didn't really know how to make my own block, so I had to look it up. Also, I didn't know how to keep score, so I looked it up and I found out. Making my own block and keeping score were my questions.

Technical Parts Of My Project    
Entry #9

It may seem really fun and easy, but you need to know all the processes of Scratch.

For example the coding, and the selecting of things and also the technical parts.

This is an example, choosing the costume.

Choosing the sound is another thing to understand. Other major examples would be changing x and y by a specific number. I used "change y by 10" after the "jump" button.

You would also need to know how to share your project. I did:

Facts you didn't know about Scratch Entry #10

A Scratch project is uploaded about every minute.

1/2 of Scratch users are under the age of 18.

The "tempo" block is the least used in Scratch.

The most common sprite is the button.

Most Scratch users are the age of 15.

There are over 13 million comments on the Scratch website.

A comment is made about every 15 seconds.

Most Scratch users join in the month of May.

Explaining Some Major Buttons
Entry #11

The "if...then...else" block is simple if you know how to use it. An example I used was "if 3=2" then "broadcast message 1". But, since 3 doesn't equal 2 then it will play the meow sound and change the score by one (else).

The "when up arrow" is also simple. You can change it to down arrow, or left ,or right, or space, or any letter. After that button something usually happens.

The "play note for" button plays music for a very short amount of time.

The "when flag clicked" button is also simple and non-complex after that something happens.

Advantages of having Scratch   
Entry #12

There are many advantages of having Scratch. A big advantage is having your own game. In mine you make points by very simple steps.

Scratch is a game anyone can play. And is fun (sometimes). Some games are better than others.

You choose everything you want sprites, backgrounds, sounds, blocks.It's all up to you! People can play your game, comment on your game. Your game could become really popular.  

Disadvantages of having Scratch
Entry #13

A mistake can ruin your whole project. Or at least some or none.

Some one could report your Scratch for no reason. Another example is you have to understand the keys. There could be something wrong with the computer.

What is my Next Step?
Entry #14

My next step is to get people's opinion's. I tested my Scratch with a friend and his opinion was a good one. Based on the comments, People like my Scratch coding. My next step is to get more people  to comment or play. I can try to make my Scratch even better.

What I'm Going To Try
Entry #15

I'm going to try to make my Game even more advanced.

When I see other people's Scratch, I want to try to do it like them. I'm making mine more advanced.

New things I did
Entry #16

A new thing I did was add 2 new blocks for each sprite. When you press the left arrow they move left. When you press the right arrow, they move right. No noise, they just move left or right.

Did it work?
Entry #17

I did get my Scratch project to work after all.

I changed the background the way I wanted it. I chose the sprites I wanted.

I chose the blocks the way I wanted. I chose the sound I wanted, & also how much points you earn by doing something. I got it the way I wanted.


Entry #18

I learned that Scratch is fun & creative. Even though I have been on Scratch for a long time, this is not something I would like to do as a job or hobby. My project turned out fine. Sometimes I wish I could have picked another project. I say this because  sometimes I thought I was done and had nothing to do. But I didn't regret picking Scratch.  

Comment Stream

2 years ago

I like this! It looks really fun and cool! - Nely Arroyo , your mom.

2 years ago

I like this game, i played and it i think it was advanced and cool.

2 years ago

Really cool! It looks like you put a lot of hard work into this!

2 years ago

It is great. I really like the techno font

2 years ago

This is great! I like the facts you included in Entry #10 - cool!