Ivey Chapter 7

Listening Skills


*Listen carefully, enter the world of the client, communicate what you understand from THEIR perspective
*Remember the client is separate from you

"I've Been There Myself..."

*Easier to be empathic if you've experienced similar issues in your own life
*You can better understand "where the client is coming from"
*BUT someone else's experience is NOT YOUR EXPERIENCE
*Conversely: If you have a shared experience you may not automatically be empathic
*Empathy can only be learned in real life

Taking Notes While In Session

Mixed verdict..

*Many believe this makes listening difficult
*Helps some remember and organize and makes the session summarization much easier
*If you choose to take notes--get client's permission first
*They are technically the CLIENT'S property--not yours

5 Steps to the Session*

1. Initiate the session

* Introduce counseling
*Be open, authentic, flexible
*Build rapport
*Informed consent
*Ethical limitations
*"What would you like to start with?

2. Gather data on issues and resources

*Use listening and open questions to bring out as much of the story as possible
*Use encouragers, paraphrasing, and reflection of feeling to help get at the heart of the emotion
*Define issue from client's perspective
*Avoid "failure to treat" by asking questions and getting the whole story

3. Set Goals Mutually

*Goals are necessary so you know where counseling is headed (update and be flexible)

4. Explore and Create

Encourage clients to find their own resolution

--Encourage exploration
1. Can you think of any ideas that would hep?
2. Tell me about when you've been successful in the past...
3. What part of the problem do you want to tackle first?
4. What idea do you like the best?

What if a client won't come up with any of their own solutions?

*Re-summarize for them--help them re-center and think
*Brainstorm together
*Open ended questions!

5. Conclusion and Termination

*Encourage client to maintain positive change
*Homework and journaling
*Family/group counseling
*Follow-up and support