A phobia is a unreasonable fear of something that can do little to no harm. A phobia will constantly make you avoid doing a certain thing that you fear, in fact you will do anything in your power to keep away from it.

About 8.7% of people in the world are affected by specific phobias. Some symptoms you may have if you have a phobia are: Uncontrollable panic, Doing everything you need to do just to avoid that one thing, the inability to function normally, and anxiety just thinking about what you fear.

There is both therapy treatments and medication that can help with phobias. Some treatments can eliminate the phobia, sometimes permanently.

Either a doctor or a mental health provider can help you find what you need to do to conquer your phobia. They can suggest medications, or suggest that you take psychotherapy to talk it out.

To gain knowledge on phobias, you can either use the internet, or contact your doctor, unless those are parts of you phobias. You could maybe ask a friend to look these things up for you  so that they can educate you in this.

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