Beachtopia is the place to be. How would you like to live on a private island off the coast of Australia, where everyday is a perfect blue sky day? Where you can be away from the pollution of the worlds factories. Where there are wonderful hotels to stay at. (You can find the hotels in our Hotel Collage below). Where there are too many attractions to count. (You can find the attractions in the Attractions Collage below). To live in Beachtopia you only need to pay $10 a month. The Beachtopia community pays for your plane ticket here, food (to a certain extent), water, travel, education, electricity, and your huge Beachtopia mansion. A job is required, but it's easy to get a job as a barista at Starbucks. Beachtopia is a Democracy. The President being Kelly Cagney and the Vice President being D.D. Sutker. Our court Judge is Grace Lunaburg, our Representative for the league of nations is Katherine Holman and our one Senator is Henry. Lastly, the Sheriff is Kate Hurlock. Democracy is best way to handle things. Though our main point of starting Beachtopia is for relaxation and fun we have some laws. 1.) Everyone must have some sort of a job. 2.) If you commit a crime you must be put on trial by our court. 3.) You must behave appropriately and safely. 4.) Be respectful of others personal space. Other basic and minor laws apply too.  Along with laws the people also have rights. 1.) All genders and races have the right to vote. 2.) Everyone has the right to sign up for any government position or job. 3.) Everyone has the right to act freely as long as they don't break any laws while acting freely. 4.) Everyone is treated equally. Other basic and minor rights apply too. Now sign up for Beachtopia now, everyone else is. Join in on the fun!

Our fantastic V.I.P. beach, only $2 every visit

Our most popular roller coaster, know as the hair raiser, is shown up above. You can ride it in our Beachtopia Theme Park!

See our wonderful hotels in our Hotel Collage above.

We have 9 Starbucks locations throughout the island

See all our great attractions in our Attraction Collage above

Our playground has 10 story slides

Join the community of your dreams on our website now. Remember your plane ticket is payed for and it's only $10 a month for your stay. You do have to have a job and you have to pay for any other luxuries we did not state in the first paragraph.

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