Brighton Beach Memoirs

Brighton Beach Memoirs was written by Neil Simons.

By: Rosario Flores

The Great Depression

The Great Depression lasted ten years (1929-39). It was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn. The Great Depression started after the stock market crash of October 1929. Because of the stock market crashing, Wall Street went into panic and wiped out millions of investors. The Great Depression affected many families. In 1933, the average family income dropped to $1,500, 40 percent less than the 1929 average family income of $2,300. As millions of families lost their savings do to the collapses of banks, they were unable to make mortgage or rent payments. Millions of families were deprived of their homes or were evicted from their apartments. The working-class and middle-class, were both excessively affected by the Depression.

College in the 1930s

    Colleges in the 1930s were very different from today. Pennsylvania University Archives & Records Center was established in 1970. The founder of the university is Benjamin Franklin. He was the trustee of the academy and college of Philadelphia. This university is considered the fourth oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Also, it was the first university in the United States with undergraduate and graduate studies. The differences between colleges now and then are different clothing. Girls all wore dresses and boys sometimes wore overalls. Another difference is there wasn't no free books, the parents had to buy them for their children. Also, there wasn't a way of transportation. A lot of students had to walk to school. since, there was money problems for a lot of families, some students had to drop out of school to take a job to help support their family. Now a days, girls and boys wear everyday clothing. The school system provides books. Now, students have their own cars; some ride buses. Most of the students who drop out today for personal reasons, not to support their families. The mascot for Penn University is the Quaker. The  tuition for this college is $400. The general expenses; room and board cost $520, textbooks cost $35, clothing and miscellaneous is $650.

  Working the 1930s people made an average wage of $12 a week. The common foods in the 1930s were eggs, bread, beans, ketchup, pork and beans, and steak. The eggs cost 18 cents per dozen. Bread cost 8 cents per loaf. A can of beans would cost 18 cents. A bottle of ketchup would cost 9 cents. Pork and beans would cost 5 cents per can. The steak would cost 22 cents per pound. Keep in mind, the prices of these items cost a lot for them back then. The gas was around 15 cents per gallon. Gas was considered expensive tat that time because the average income was very low. An average cost for a new car was $640-$700. Just after the stock market crashing the houses cost $7,145. Near the end of the depression the houses was $3,800. Clothing was kind of expensive. A shirt was $2.50, pair of jeans was $20, coats would cost $16, socks cost 10 cents, and underwear cost 50 cents.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim,

      I would like to apologize for my cruel behavior. I shouldn't have swept that big pile of dirt all over your shoes. Because of my tortuous behavior, I almost lost my job. But you have given me a second chance to earn it back.

      My reasons why you shouldn't fire me are the following: I am a hard worker. I don't go to work unless I'm really sick. I'm always never late. Finally, I am probably one of your best employees.

       I sincerely apologize for my rude actions. I promise you nothing like that will happen again. I will like to thank you for the chance you gave me. I will be more dedicated to my work. Also, I won't let another mistake be made. I learned that my job is more important than my principles.


            Stanley Jerome

Broadway Show

The broad way of my choice is The Lion King. The Lion King was first showed on July 8, 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Orpheum Theater. The tickets all depend were you sit. The orchestra section would cost $135.75 to $232.00 dollars. The mezzanine section cost $131.35 to 181.75 dollars. The Lion King broad way show has been going on for 17 years. The show won a Tony Award for Best Musical in 1998. This broad way show is based on the Disney animated film.

Personal Review

Brighton Beach Memoirs was worth the time reading and paying attention to the audio. My favorite part of the movie was Stanley came home. This was my favorite part because this book was about family and having to grow up. Family should always come first. This book shows that no matter how bad things get, you can depend on your family being there for you. My favorite character is Eugene, besides his hormonal part of him. He had to grew up when Stanley had left home. Someone should read this book because it some parts of the book, it teaches you the importance of family. Also, it teaches you that at any age you would have to grow up and being responsible.

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