Ivory Coast


Donadieu, Pierre. "Ivory Coast's Former Rebels Cling to Their Weapons." Yahoo News. Web. 5 May 2015.

Article Overview:

Four years following a bloody post-electoral power struggle during the 2010-2011 election, ex-rebels who helped the current President, Ouattara rise to his position, now occupy Yopougon, a district of the commercial capital Abidjan. These rebels have occupied this land in hopes of being rewarded for their part in the fight by providing housing, money or jobs in the security forces.

Answers to Questions

  1. The main opponents in this struggle are the current presidential regime against the rebels that helped put him in power.
  2. As far as the article states, no other countries are concerned or involved.
  3. The main tactics being used by the rebels in this conflict are raids and ambushes.
  4. As far as I can tell, the cause of this conflict started over four years ago, when then President Laurent Gbagbo refused to concede defeat in the election, and as a result, supporters of the winning candidate, Ouattara, helped him get into office by whatever means necessary. Now, four years later, those supporters have now turned to rebels because after everything they did to help the President, he stabs them in the back and refuses to help them by providing them with jobs or healthcare.
  5. As of now, the only effort to solve this conflict is being done by the government and current President, who has developed an agency known as the Authority for Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reinsertion (ADDR). Also, the ADDR offered incentive to all former fighters by offering them government assistance if they hand over at least 210 bullets.

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