How Effective Are Body Scanners?

In most buildings today, you will notice various security measures being implemented. One of the most secured places are airports. Wherever you go, you can't just pass through metal detector door easily especially if you carrying bladed weapons, prohibited drugs and bombs.

Just last year on Christmas Day, a planned attempt of bombing an airliner was busted. A man was able to conceal a homemade bomb under his pants and was able to get through airport securities. This revealed the lax security of the airport. Home-made bombs that are made from non-metal materials and concealed under garments can hardly be detected by metal detectors.

This incident compelled the Transportation Security Administration to tighten airport security even tighter. As part of the increased security measures, body scanners on airports become more intensified. Had it been installed previously, it would have caught the hidden Christmas bomb.

Officials from Homeland Security said in a statement last week that full body scanners will be a permanent security measure and not just meant for the holidays. It will only be upgraded but not reduced, they said. They added that the new security technology devices will make the travelling public feel more secured and safer.

In 78 airports, there are 486 explosive Scanner already installed by the TSA. The administration plans to double the number of scanners by year end of 2011. While the body scanners seem to replace metal detectors as effective security measure, officials said that it should not make the public and airport officials complacent about security. It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that there will be no compromise on security.

Airports are the gateways of each state and city. It is the doorway that provides access to a city. Although airports need to maintain their tourist friendly mode it needs to ensure that security is also on priority list. In an effort to balance security and tourism, different public commentaries are obtained.

While it is understood that security aims to protect us from any attacks, domestic and foreign, for some travelers, it is considered as an inconvenience. There are instances when the time you spend boarding a plane takes longer than the actual travel time. For some individuals, especially the business class, are annoyed by these measures.

Body scanners are not the ultimate solution to outside threats since they are not completely foolproof. Nevertheless, it can surely help intensify security measures. Officials also said that their agency is working towards enhancement of technological device.

In a study made that shows simulation of walk Through metal detector done in the University of California, its researchers said that although some explosives can be really be detected especially the large pieces, terrorists have also improved in making their bombs that can go invisible and undetectable.

Officials further said that they have intensified ways to detect non-metal threats such as deadly weapons and bombs hidden even on the deepest part of a luggage or body part of a passenger. They have also encouraged travelers to observe vigilance in reporting suspicious individuals. For now, it puts added assurance to air passengers.

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