Bill Clinton

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by Lucas Beadle

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946.

Significant Events in History that Affected Bill Clinton's Life:

  • He was the 42 president of the United States
  • Won a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University in England
  • Bomb under world trade center that killed 6 people and thousands suffered
  • Vince Foster is found dead   

Bill Clinton's Childhood   

Bill Clinton's Father died months before he was born. He was raised by basically his grandmother because his mom worked long hours providing the money for him. His mother and grandmother started him reading at a early age. When he was a teenager he excelled in school and showed a great passion for politics.

People who Influenced Bill Clinton's life

  • Grandmother- She was the one that raised him when his mom was working.
  • Mom- His mom was important to him like any other kid. She worked long hours to provide what he needed
  • Johnnie Mae Mackey- She was his school principle and she helped him get into a good college by getting colleges to look at his academic achievements. To her he was her brightest protege.    

Unique Facts

  • Him and George Bush are the only two consecutive presidents that were left handed
  • Also him and George Bush were both 6 feet 2
  • A cat named "Socks" was one of the most famous pets in the white House
  • He was 16 years old when he shook hands with John F. Kennedy  


  • Abolished Restrictions on Medical Research and the right to choose
  • Helped states take the first step to Welfare Reform
  • The Family and Medical leave act
  • Earned income tax credit expansion/working family tax cut
  • The student loan reform
  • Signed the Brady act
  • Assault weapons were taken out of the public
  • Improving American Schools
  • California desert protection act was signed

The theme of Bill's life was...

Bill Clinton promoted how you are willing to take things into consideration that the world can become a better place. Bill was a nice person and also working to improve the world. He signed many acts to improve school's and to try and help violence and crime.

What Bill Clinton taught me

Bill Clinton has taught me how to view things in a different way. Don't look at all the bad thing's but just try to make them better and to actually do something if you want it. Reading this book and watching videos had a big influence on my life.