Romans Establish Routines and Rituals
By: Olivia Ernest

ROME- Hierarchy within roman citizens made life in ancient Rome a struggle for most.  Despite class differences, everyone worked together to acquire common routines and rituals.

Gender inequalities in Ancient Rome make women's lives very challenging.  Men were allowed  many more rights than woman and led much more of a free lifestyle.  "I can't even go out of the house without his permission," complained Julia Dobreva.

The food in Rome  consisted of mostly wheat, grape, and olive oil.  The citizens usually ate 3 meals a day.  A normal meal was often toasted bread with olive oil and wine to drink.

Schooling was limited.  Mostly rich and fortunate people received a proper education,  if time permitted that is, because with a Roman's busy schedule, few people had extra time in their day.  "I wish I could have more time to study my schoolwork,

Romans strongly believed that "Family is family," and that is why being with family and having family-time served as such a high priority.  Respect for elders was unquestionable and acting incorrectly or embarrassing one's family was not tolerated.

For fashion, Ancient Roman togas were very heavy, uncomfortable, and hot, so people didn't really enjoy wearing them.  The togas were not able to be changed or customized because it's colors represented the person's stature or hierarchy, but the commoners were allowed to decide what shoes to wear.  The emperor would always wear a purple toga with a purple belt to stand out from the others.

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