Australian Interpretation Of The Movie "Super Size Me"

As an Australian, the movie "Super Size Me" gave me another perspective towards American society. As the movie is set in America, and as Morgan Spurlock takes us on a journey throughout America and their fast food stops, Australians now think differently towards American people.

As an individual, I think that the movie "Super Size Me" has shown us many other hidden secrets of America. The most obvious is the amount of fast food places there are in one location. There were approximately 3 MacDonald's just on Morgan Spurlock's way t0 work. This is atrocious. Not one place in Australia has that many MacDonald's in an area.

It's weird how people don't know what bad things they allow into their bodies. large amounts of calories, large amounts of salt, large amounts sugar and many more. What people don't know is that these fast food restaurants contain a lot of that. In Australia, we don't have as many fast food restaurants as in America. Plus we Australians like to live a healthy lifestyle , so we don't see as many Obese people over here. But in America, alot of people are lazy and all they eat is fast food, making them obese.

In Australia, if one of us is obese, we tend to try to find a way to live healthier and lose weight, while in America, people think "I have tried everything I can to lose weight" when really, they haven't. A girl quoted "I can't afford to keep buying a sandwich", in reality, buying a sandwich is nothing compared to constant buying of fast food.

Comparing the fast foods here to America, I think in America they contain more fat, salt, sugar and calories then here. In America, they used to have something called the 'SuperSize' where the customer is offered to upgrade your meal to an extra large chips, an extra large coke and a burger of your choice. We never ever had that in Australia.

There have been many ways for the Australian Government to help people get fit and healthy. Including the new Fitness Test for the police force. If they do not pass the test, they will have to be put on daily exercise routine. In my opinion, I reckon the Government should pick up their game a little and get people to get fit. Even if its just getting people to volunteer to go to an obese person's house and get them to exercise their routine...for free. Just little things like that could potentially change a person's life.

Thank You For Reading.

Brandon Lombard

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