A Spooky Crunch!

You can learn how to much delicious snacks for Halloween!

This treat is for people who know there Lackadaisical. All you need is some sort of round red candy,some pretzels sticks, and small marshmallows. Then just put then in jars. Enjoy!

Some people are Ambivalence about this treat but it pretty easy.What you will need for this one is Tiny pretzel sticks and some string cheese. You just take some cheese and cut it to strings then stick a pretzel in it. Enjoy!

The ingredients are chcoclate pudding cups,crunched oreos,a ghost candy,and candy pumpkins. Its made the way its listed.

For the witch hat you will need some cookies,icing, and hershey kisses. Then just stack them one top each other.

For the witch brooms you will need preztels stick and mini reeses. Enjoy

This treat is made many different ways but this is the easy way.

First, you need preztel sticks,icing or and thing thats edable and sticky,and any topping or frosting.Then just start layering the preztel with your icing (or what you choose to use)

then finish it of with your frosting or icing! Enjoy!

What you will need is a clear glove, popcorn,candy corn (opptional),and a spier ring (opptional). Then just put it all together! Enjoy!

The ingredints are any color apples of your choice, peanut butter (opptional),and small marshmellows. Then just cut the apple in pieces and put in the peanut butter and marshmellows and your finished! Enjoy

This in not just cute but also delicious. To make this you will need the ingredients for a pig in a blanket, and anything you can find to make the eyes. To start off just try to make a mummy like figure around the hot dog. After there cooked let them cool then put on the eyes with what you chose. Then after the eyes are dry and stuck on pretty good then there done! Enjoy!

What you will need is a chcoclate cookie, a chcoclate ice cream cone (if you want you can even put candy of your choice in the ice cream cone), icing, and any toppings (optional). Then just start with your on paste. Enjoy!

Start with making the cone, then just add any kind of treat you want to. For example popcorn, lollypops, chococlate, etc. If you want you can add decorations (like shown in the picture above) a black bird. Enjoy!

To start you need to make the bat how every you like, then choose what candy ber you want in it then glue/tape the candy bar in, then there you have a halloween treat. Enjoy

What you will need is chocolate pudding, crunched oreos (to look like dirt),and gummy worms. There is a bunch of ways to make this treat but I thought this was the easyer way. Enjoy!

For this treat you will need some graham crackers, any size of chocolate bar, and you can choose to make a ghost marsghmellow or buy one. Next put it in a bag/container and add a little deocrations and there you have a cute halloween treat. Enjoy!

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3 years ago

Thank you for the great ideas for treats for our party.