Randy Frye

Indiana General Assembly District 67

History and Background of Randy Frye.

  • He is a retired firefighter.Randy helped organize and drive relief supplies to Northridge, California after the 1995 earthquake.He organized fundraisers for Gleaner’s Food Bank in Indianapolis.


Representative Frye envisions government as a tool to help the citizens of Indiana. His vision is to see that government provides the leadership to help citizens be successful while keeping government small and taxes to a minimum.


  • Randy Frye went to Batesville High school in 1973. He also went to Cincinnati Christian College, A.S. in 1995.


Frye has been an ardent, unwavering supporter of NG as a replacement for petroleum-based vehicle fuel for more than two years, sponsoring a number of key bills that have made their way through the Indiana General Assembly and into Indiana law.