Ideas, Reminders, and Thoughts to Ponder...

Happy Friday!

Thanks for another great week! Happy Fall...

Some thoughts and quotes to make your say Hmmmmm...

1. " When I am in your classroom, I am home."- Movie, Freedom Writers.

2. Let's focus on what we can control- the cultures we create in our classrooms.

3. Take time to explain the "WHY".... This will have a dramatic impact on levels of student engagement. 

4. Reflection is the key to self direction, innovation, and problem solving.  Do you want more self-directed students? Yes? Then possibly consider giving them time to reflect in your classroom.

4. "Students teach all sorts of things but most importantly they make explicit the courage that it takes to be a learner, the courage it takes to open yourself to the transformative power of real learning. - Junot Diaz

5. "In reality 'learning' and 'change' are synonymous. Change is not an issue if it makes sense to and is 'owned' by those involved, rather than being arbitrarily imposed. An appreciation that change is a continual process, involving confusion and difficulty, is vital for future learners. "

6. "Our lives are frittered away with detail ...simplify! simplify! simplify!" -Henry Thoreau

Read below for some great parent conferencing tips: