End of Year College Project

'Be good so they can't ignore you'

There has been many issues in the world between bad and good. It is a constant battle on and off. Most people nowadays choose wrong over right, but the world needs good people in order to have peace and love everywhere.

There is no doubt that you need good people in the world. One main reason is to have peace everywhere you turn. Good people won't hurt others, well at least not intentionally. Good people will love and show affection towards others, and will make peace with strangers and become friends. "Smile at strangers, and you might just change a life." by Steve Maraboli. That is a quote good people will live by. Good people don't care if they don't know you, they will be polite and kind. Good people won't want to start a fight or a war with anyone, but on the other hand resolve it with peace.

Another reason why we need good people in the world is to be happy. That's more a personal thing. But when you see one of your friends in a good mood and happy you get influenced, and it's like if their mood gets transferred into you. When you're a good person you don't do bad choices, which bad choices bring anger, stress, and bad vibes. When you're a good person you live a happy cheerful life without drama and problems, and who wouldn't want to live a life like that?

On the other hand other people will deny and go against the fact that we need better people in the world. They will say that being bad is more fun, and is better than making good choices. But us as good people we need to stand our ground and influence more people to be good in order to have a safe, kind, peaceful world.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern;

I have worked with Emmanuel Bernal for about 3 years, more or less. I have had an eye on him for a while now. It has come to my attention Emmanuel loves to design buildings, houses etc., and I've seen his passion for the Architect Industry. And I am more than pleased to write this letter to the 'Utep Architecture Group'

Emmanuel to me stood out immediately the second I met him. He is a very hard working kid, and does not need to be redirected under any circumstance. He puts his job before anything else. He is a determined, focused kid. I have seen some of his amazing ideas and work and he definitely would be a hard-worker you would love to have in your industry.

Emmanuel is a very nice, respectful and caring kid. He instantly makes friends with anyone he meets. He is very outgoing and fun. There has been several times that I only ask Emmanuel to do a certain task, and he goes over the limit and gives me the best, and not to mention he never seems to stop surprising me. Emmanuel also has a very caring personality. He's always smiling, complimenting everyone and just being himself. He really loves life and embraces life and lives it to the fullest.

I highly recommend Emmanuel Bernal because he is dedicated, responsible and is the perfect candidate as an architect at your industry. If you need further information about Emmanuel or myself , please contact me at (915)345-1234 or if you prefer email its; sebastianala@gmail.com


Sebastian Alatorre

Letter of Intent

Alatorre, Sebastian

12345 Sunny Bird

El Paso, TX 79968

May 26, 2015


Miguel Trevizo, Head Manager

Restaurant Management

3468 Lee Trevino dr

Dear Luisa Campos:

I have been interested in working at your restaurant for a while now. I believe I have the skills to work there because I know how to be polite, and respectful to others, I know how to get along with anyone. I also know how to get things done without even being told.

I also took a Professional Communications class, so I know how to act as a professional. I would be dedicated to your job. I would make sure your customers are taken care of, well satisfied, and enjoy their stay at your restaurant and leave with a very big smile.


Sebastian Alatorre


Sebastian Alatorre

(915) 666-6453

1472 laugh out loud dr


Objective: My goal as a professional is to get better as a dancer, and help others find their passion for dance too.


Lujan Chavez Elementary School (2008-2011)

  • Got 1st in acting club competition

Sun Ridge Middle School (2011-2013)

  • Won 1st  in the Science Fair
  • Won 1st in the Art Club Competition

Pebble Hills High School (2014-2018)

  • Won 1st in the school's Talent Show (danced)


Community Service at a Food Bank. Went through Feb 1, 2014through Feb 5, 2014. And I stocked food cans.


  • Awesome dancer
  • I am very creative
  • I have leadership traits
  • I know how to act like a professional

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