I was born on April 13,1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. I was a draftsman of the U.S Declaration of Independence and the nations first sectary of state from 1789 to 1794.I was also the second vice president and third President from 1801 to 1809. I inherited 5,000 acres of land from my father.                                                                                              I studied at the college of William and Mary, then read law. In 1772 I married Martha Wales Skelton, a widow. As a reluctant candidate for president in 1796,I came within 3 votes of election. I became Vice President although an opponent of president Adams.                      In 1807 I passed the Embargo act< suspending all trade with Eourpe. The move wrecked the american economy as exports crashed from 108 million to 22 million when left office in 1809.

THE Life of Thomas Jefferson

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    1. What number president was Thomas Jefferson?                                                             2. Who did Thomas loose the election to the first time?                                                       3. How old was he when he died?

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