My Favorite Season

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My Favorite Season

By: Jack Templeton

                                                    My Favorite Season

My favorite season makes me feel very warm and protected. It also makes me feel like its a time to be with the family. It is also very cold outside during this time.

I think this season smells like cinnamon and candy. I also think it smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, or just some warm chili after we get done playing in the snow.

What I think this season looks like is snow all over the ground, frozen lakes and ponds. I also think it looks like trees up everywhere and ornaments on the tree with decorations all up including Lights, A Tree, and many more.

Things that I hear around this time is people laughing and playing around with the family and sometimes have a great time playing with some friends in the snow.

Some tastes are like candy canes, cookies, turkey, mac and cheese, and one of my favorite is a good cup of hot chocolate after getting done playing around outside in the snow.

The weather in this season is very very cold. There is always snow and ice every where. I also love it when we have really big snow storms because then u get to skip school and play in the snow.

Some words are that people use do describe this season is cold, lights, santa, family, presents, ice, family, friends, snow, and many more. And that is my favorite season.


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