byMadeline P. #Tackk #kettner #momentum

Q:Define momentum

  A:the product of an object's mass and velocity.

Q:Define Conservation of momentum

     A:The rule that in the absence of outside forces the total momentum of objects that interact

Q:Identify the formula for momentum

      A: (mass)(velocity)=momentum

Q:Find why the letter P represents the word momentum in the formula

      A: They are thinking that it came from the Latin word "petere" which means "go towards".They couldn't use "m" since it was already used for mass.

Q:Explain how a heavy moving van have the same momentum as a small motercycle

   A:It could have the same mass or velocity

Q:Explain the diffrence between a "sticky"collision and "non-sticky" collision

    A:When it is a sticky collision only one object has momentum and the other one rests at zero but when it is a "non-sticky" collision tboth of the objects have momentum

Q:Find a picture on the internet to support the definition of an elastic collision and label


When the player hits the ball with the paddle it would hits the table and bounce back it shows elastic collision

Q:find a picture to support the definition of inelsastic collision and label


when the book hits the ground it will loose some energy by mechanical enegry

Q:It at type of collision would you think throwing a piece of clay onto the ground would be and why?
  A:It would be inelastic collision because it would not have the same energy once it was in the air

Q:What is angular momentum? what dose it have to do with outer space?

   A:It is a measure of the amount of rotation an object has.It helps us to see how much the world has rotated.