The Cold War: US-USSR Space Race

Ellie Bergquist, Hour 1

Who: The Space Race was between two countries, the US and the Soviet Union (USSR). The leader of the US was John F. Kennedy. The first person to go on the moon was Neil Armstrong. The first person in space was the Russian Yuri Gagarin. These were the major people in the Space Race.

What: The Space Race was a race between the US and USSR to reach the major milestones of space technology first. The Race started when both countries said that they would be building a satellite to put in space. The Russians were the first to actually put a satellite in space, the Sputnik I. Next, the Russians were the first to put a man in space. The man was Yuri Gagarin.

John F. Kennedy went to Congress and said that the US had to be the first to put a man on the moon. Two new programs were started, the Apollo and Gemini programs. The Gemini program developed parts for the spacecraft. On July 20, 1975, the US put Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the moon.

When: The Race started in 1955. Russia put the first satellite into orbit in October 1957. In April 1961, Russia put the first man in space. In July 1975, the US put a rocket into space and landed apt he first man on the moon. The Race ended with the first US-Russia joint space mission in 1975.

Where: The Race was in the US, USSR, space, and Germany, where many scientists were hired from.

Why: The Race started because space tech would be good for the military. It was important because breakthroughs occurred in technology must faster.

Summary: The Space Race started because the US and USSR both wanted to put sattelites in space. It included three milestones in space technology: the first satellite, the first man in space, and the first man on the moon. The USSR did two of the milestones! the US did the last one. The Race ended when the first US-Russia joint space mission happened in July 1975.

A replica of the Sputnik I.
Neil Armstrong on the moon.

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