The Great Tragedy

              Within the The Great Gatsby there is a sorrow in the air of love falling apart, a tragedy that'll make you cry and hope for another ending, the tragedy between Daisy Buchanan and James Gatsby. The two of them met long before our precious Daisy was married to Tom Buchanan, and even though she loved Gatsby at the time he was poor and she had a high class standard to live up to. Although later on when Nick comes to New York as a bonds seller, he reintroduces the two and they begin to fall in love once more. Even though Daisy had been married to Tom for three years, she decides that she wanted to have an affair of her own with Gatsby. While Gatsby is happy at the moment for her to even be in his arms, he still wanted more from her, because he hadn't seen her for five years and within those years he had made her to be a goddess next to this women who couldn't live up to his requirements. In the end Daisy had betrayed Gatsby's love and went back to her high social insecurity of herself, therefor, Daisy had given up love to be on a fulfilling life of being secured with money and social reputation.


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