1. ANCORA IMPARO- Every Mistake is a learning curve. You are still learning. Remember that if youve made 1 or more mistakes in life they can be forgiven and learned from.

2. Being ignored is no reason to give up. Keep you head up high.

3. No one wants to see a friend hurt or hurting if you feel alone don't there are so many people out there that don't know you but their probably going through similar things and are going to be there for you. My advice is to never feel alone in any situation.

I am grateful for

1. My family and friends


3. FOOD!

4. The Internet

5. To be alive

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3 years ago

Daisah - lovely, lovely advice. Thank you for the compassion you show. The second part of the prompt is a five item gratitude list. Please let me know when you've finished it so I can adjust your credit.