Info on fish

-All of the fish we are buying are territorial except for the mickey fish. If you buy more plants, decorations, and a bigger tank they will not be aggressive and they will live together.

-We are buying 2 kenyi African cichilds, 10 micky mouse platy fish, 4 angel fish, 2 faintail goldfish.

-the total cost of all the fish we are buying will be $50.52.

-since the other fish are aggressive twords the mickey mouse platy fish we are buying 10 of them so they are a bigger group and seem like they are more defensive so, they wont eat them.

volume of tank

-we are getting a medium sized tank

-the volume of the tank is 6.25 feet cubed

-we  need two bags of gravel each two inches thick to make 4 inches of gravel on the bottom of the tank

-this tank holds 46.9 gallons of water

Cost of Everything

note* the itemized budget is on our report

-the medium tank is $225

-the total coat of fish is $50.52

-the cost of gravel, decorations, the lid, the heater, lights, and the filter is $242.50

-the cost of everything we need for our fish is $518.02

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