My Moral Code

Mrs. Lagalante Religion 3 Period 5
By: Chloe Zakhour

Ideals & Principles

1. I live very closely related to God's ideals and principles.

2 I believe that each person should follow God's plan and learn about his love.

3. I believe that God has a plan for each one of us and everything happens for a reason.


1. My sources come from my role models in my life.

2. My parents are my role models because they both grew up overseas and created a better life for their children.

3. My dad lived in Lebanon for most of his life and grew up in war.

4. My grandfather was one of the only catholic generals in the small country.

5. He was persecuted for his faith and was almost killed three times.

6. I have learned to be strong through him.

God's Laws

1. I abide to God's laws, for example the 10 commandments.

2. I also follow basic laws of the United States of America and the "laws" at my school.


I try my hardest to always follow God's laws and wishes.

I think you need to respect, love and cherish our gifts in life and be thankful for each blessing we have.

Each person should have integrity to not cheat in life and to respect themselves.

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