Hotel Management

Hotel Management: TEK (10): The student understands the importance of health, safety, environmental management systems in organizations and their importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance.


You work for an architectural firm that has been asked to design a resort in California that meets all water conservation guidelines. Identify concerns and provide solutions for possible water conservation management. You are encouraged to touch base on other environmental conservation measures as well. Your results will be presented to the resort developers.  


    Studies show that over 70% of travelers prefer to stay in hotels that are engaged with their environment. Did you know that only .008% of all water present on our plant is available for human consumption? Our goal is to customize a water conservation program for our California resort, as well as to promote energy efficiency in overall design. We plan on utilizing the following aspects to improve both energy efficiency and  water conservation.

U-Shaped Design: The overall design not only gives the resort more rooms with an ocean view, but brings in and holds cool ocean breezes, lowering the overall energy cost to the resort. Other aspect of our design include native plants covering 40% of the roof to create a greenhouse effect, along with zoning for irrigation, rain water harvesting, and native plants in the landscape.

Hotels consume large amounts of energy, this is because of the high volume of individual rooms causing compartmentalization. Guest rooms alone are the primary source of water usage in hotels.

Energy Conservation Tips for Individual Guestrooms: Motions detectors will provide light and heat control for unoccupied rooms. We will also work with the interior design team to provide eco-friendly interiors using natural materials provided locally whenever possible.

Water Conservation Tips for Individual Guestrooms: Again let us state that water consumption in guest rooms accounts for approximately 30% of total usage. The following measures will be implemented. Install low-flow toilets, and waterless urinals where used.  Install senators and flow restriction technology in sinks and showers.

We also recommend offering guest the option to re-use their bath towels to lower water consumption in the housekeeping department.  

By incorporating water efficient procedures, we believe that we can decrease water consumption by 30% in this state of the art luxury resort.

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