Columbia University
2nd Pd. English1
Alexis Carney

I selected Columbia because I have always wanted to move away from our small town. Another reason I chose this out of state university is because I believe that it would be a great experience to surround yourself with new people and learn to live in a new place. My long term goals from going here would be to graduate highschool  with my cosmetology license and move to New York and study journalism at Columbia. During this time I would get a small job for cosmetology and continue my studies.

Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King's College after royal charter known as  King George II of England. It is the oldest university in the state of New York and the fifth oldest in the United States.During the American Revolution the instruction suddenly stopped in 1776 didn't pick back up until 1784. Surprisingly they opened with a brand new name, Columbia. During the time between the reopening and 1857 they decided to move the university from park place too Forty Ninth street and Madison avenue where they stayed located for the next 40 years. Over last half of the century Columbia had began  to become the modern university it is today.

Application requirements

Autobiographical information$85 application fee or fee waiver request Lists and descriptions of a student’s achievements, activities, employment and summer activities Personal essay Columbia-specific questions

What you need from your high school

An official high school transcript from all high schools attended.One high school counselor’s recommendation and school profile. The completed Mid-Year Report Note: Students using the Columbia First-Year Application should notify their school counselor as soon as possible

Standardized were you even saying

SAT and two SAT Subject Test scores (for Engineering applicants, Math 1 or 2 and Biology, Physics or Chemistry) or the ACT Assessment with Writing

The appropriate SAT code is 2116 and the appropriate ACT code is 2717English proficiency examination score (if necessary)

Teacher recommendations

These recommendations must come from teachers who taught you in academic disciplines For engineering applicants, one must come from a math or science teacher

And additional material that you think will improve your chances on getting in.

Barnard college, Under the name of Columbia university has programs that students are able to join a such as a really cool group known as constellations. The purpose of constellations is too learn from others, become good mentors get involved in the campus and community but more realistically help students realize a more authentic sense of self.

From the college tour (up Above ) the students agree to say that the traditions that the school has are very awesome and enjoyable. Some things that are fun, is the lighting of the tree. during this time they turn off all the lights on the campus and they drink warm cider, hot chocolate,  and enjoy each others company. once the sun goes down they turn on the tree lights and have music playing. Another guy from the tour said that he loves living in big city and there is great benefits from this campus, such as , being able to go out at 3 in the morning and get pizza.

EX OF CAREER. The Discover tab in snap chat . The movie How to loose a guy in 10 days.

I have chosen the career as a journalist because in today's society we have people that write stories and deliver news just for a pay check but I want to be a journalist to tell the truth that we convey from our world. Another reason I want to be  a  journalist is to make sure that I am remembered. In the next century millions of people will be able to read about the Kardashians,Obama, Michael Phelps, and any other person who was ever written in any magazine, website or social cite but not only that the authors are remembered, such as Thomas Paine from, common sense in 1620.  This sounds really self centered but who doesn't want to be remembered. other than these two reason is also feel that everyone has an opinion and I want to help share theirs on a global level.

For a Print Journalist when first entering the field can come out to a total of $20,000 to $25,000 annually and hourly a wage in Texas can be around $11.90. On the job, you gather information to get enough information for the story, but at the same time you have to know how to tell a story and gather information to make the angle of your story interesting. Being a journalist you must also  set up interviews with people and be capable of getting to the point in your questioning. for this job your location can totally vary, I mean for instance one day you can be beach side asking marine biologists if there job is "totally fun " and the next day you could be at crime scene 20 miles away reporting on the scene,. for this job you have to be able to handle a lot. as journalist you can totally get promoted. In Magazine companies you start of as a editor and can work your way up to an editor in chief.

From research colleens day consists of a lot of reading and responding to emails. Colleens is a freelance journalist, meaning that she is her own boss her job position and her salary is up to her. not literally but, she is depending on her self to go out and get the jobs that she want,she does say that working "in -staff" gives you more security but she says that good journalist are personally seeking new challenges and give them new outlooks. Another really neat about this career is that you can definitely switvh careers.

Alexis Carney

Education History

Aug. 2014 - May 2015

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy
El paso, Texas

Aug. 2011 - May 2014

Sgt. Specialist Rafael Herando
6th - 8th
El Paso, Texas

Volunteer Experience

June 2014 - June 2014

Victoria Adult Daycare
El Paso, Texas

» My rec cheer team helped out at Adult daycare for a whole week. By the end of experience i learned a lot of interesting things and met a lot of new people.

Awards & Certificates

» cheerleader of 2014/2015 (May 2015)

Hobbies & Interests

» Cooking
» Fundraising
» Travel

Skills & Abilities

» english

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