Fenelon to Ireland

Fenelon to Ireland was the fist school trip I can do. I was satisfied about this experience!

All the moments of the trip were good, but I prefered particularly one of them.

My favourite time was the night in the boat:

We arrived in the boat at 8 pm, first we discovered the little room then we must  had dinner in the "restaurant". We found the "disco" party and all the students danced on the floor. Julie, Clara and Sana prefered to take picture on my phone:

And I taked picture with Intissar on the boat deck (there was a lot of wind):

When the party stopped, we should stay in our room but we formed some groups in a cabin. We talked and laughed a lot like lucie:

Finally, the others students returned in their cabin and we went to bed. But I was still talking with Lucie, Intissar and Clara and danced in our room. (we were tired son we became silly). And we slept a little bit at the end. I think it wasn't enought for Clara because she was still sleeping in the bus:

It was a very good trip, I will remember it. Thank you !

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