Mobile Apps for iPads

EDU 210 Module 9 mLearning

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App 1: Edmodo

Click on the icon to be directed to iTunes.

Edmodo is a Learning Management System that connects students, teachers and parents to share information and resources and to collaborate. This app can be used to send notes, submit assignments, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events. In a school setting, students can access resources provided by the teacher to work on an assignment to be submitted via Edmodo.

App 2: Socrative Student

Click on the icon to be directed to iTunes.

Socrative allows teachers to engage and assess students through real time questioning and instant results. Teachers can formatively assess through quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets and space races.

The following is an example of how it can be used in the classroom.

App 3: Book Creator for iPad

Click on the icon to be directed to iTunes.

Book Creator for iPad can be used to make eBooks. You can add photos, images, music, videos, and even record your voice. It can be shared, published, printed and exported as a PDF. At school, there are many occasions in which students can be asked to create an eBook. Students can create a story, with personal photos, of what they did over the summer. Students can collaborate to write a story about a topic covered in Social Studies.

App 4: Motion Math Zoom

Click on icon to be directed to iTunes.

Motion Math Zoom teaches varying levels of number sequences as students play games based on number lines. In the classroom, students can individually work on their own levels in improving and refining their decimal skills.

App 5: Notability

Click on the icon to be directed to iTunes.

Notability is a note-taker to annotate documents, sketch ideas and record lectures. Students can combine handwriting, typing, audio recordings and photos to create, share, and manage their notes. For classroom use, students can open a PDF that the teacher has provided as resource for a project, and they can annotate directly on the PDF.

App 6: Google Drive

Click on the icon to be directed to iTunes

Google Drive allows users to store documents in the cloud, share files, edit and collaborate. In a school setting, students can work collaboratively on Google Docs to write a report on a class Science experiment.    

App 7: Haiku Deck

Click on the icon to be directed to iTunes.

Haiku Deck allows users to create slideshows and presentations. The app allows users to take pictures and upload from the camera roll and other social media sites. Presentations can be played directly from the iPad, emailed or shared. In the classroom, students can create presentations to give a report in Social Studies or tell a story for Language Arts.

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