Generic Viagra: advantages over other ED pills

The medicine has many examples where a drug invented to deal with one ailment, has turned out to be more effective in completely unexpected aspect. Even more interesting is the case when the remedy for a long time is used in one area can be applied in others. Increasingly, physicians are turning their eyes to all well-known Viagra and prophesied a great future for it, not only in a narrow field of application, like erectile dysfunction.

Surprising starts immediately.

Some people may say that Viagra is the same like Levitra, Cialis and other impotence drugs. Partly, it will be true. But Viagra has wider field of action, than mentioned below drugs.

Let us see other Viagra properties in order to make it sure.

  • Viagra can be used by female!

A lot of ladies, who have used this drug, have much more vibrant and positive sex experiences.

But that's not all. In the west there are a number of medical institutions using Viagra to get rid of infertility. The effect is that the active ingredient of this drug helps blood circulation in the internal female genital mutilation, which makes the procedure of artificial fertilization more successful.

While it is not clear how the drug acts on the embryo development, but future invention is not far off.

  • Viagra helps diabetic patients

Diabetics often suffer from a bad move of food through the intestines, and so the drug could help in this case.

  • Viagra is effective in respiratory organs pressure increase

In the case of pressure increase in the respiratory organs Viagra is also quite effective. It helps to normalize blood flow in the lungs, thereby normalizing blood pressure.

But that's not all. Patients should be aware of the high activity of this drug to prevent overdoses, entailing serious consequences.

  • Viagra may help in degeneration of the heart muscle

Recently made study has shown, that Viagra has good effect in the treatment of degeneration of the heart muscle. The drug has been used in rodents with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, this form is triggered by a small amount of dystrophin protein in muscles. Rodents have been injected certain amount of Sildenafil, comparable to the common Viagra dosage for erection normalization, and have been shown that violation of the cardiac muscle tissue significantly decreased.

So, buying Generic Viagra you are able not only to get rid of erectile dysfunction, but also to treat some other bothersome disorders.

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