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3 years ago

Digital Media
I like to read books, newspapers and magazines. However, for some time now I have switched to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal in digital format rather than home delivery. This has proved to be a great option because at times I have felt overwhelmed by the huge amount of content on my doorstep every morning. Seven days a week I was reading those two newspapers in addition to another local newspaper which was also arriving for me to read. Along with all those newspapers I would also read several magazines and the occasional book. When you receive that quantity of newspapers in the morning it can be difficult to sift through all that information after a long work day. Plus, there is that trek out to the recycling container on the other side of the parking lot. And sometimes it is necessary to make that trip to the bin when it is cold, rainy or even really hot out.
With the digital subscription, I am able to plop the computer on my lap and easily scroll through articles at my fingertips at my leisure. It is so much easier and you don’t even get ink all over your hands. It is very convenient and there is no overwhelming feeling of having tons of papers dropped at your doorstep that you are obligated to plow through - - not to mention the ease of browsing products on Amazon and other sites, email access, and the ability to save photos. There are a lot of other reasons to have a computer, but the digital media solution is the best reason to have a laptop. You can read any newspaper with an online subscription and learn about what is going on in the world. Then you can write about it and post it with the same computer. How convenient!