The Year We Disappeared: A father daughter memoir

The title of this article is "The year we disappeared: A father daughter memoir the author of this book is Cylin Busby and the genre of this book is nonfiction.

About the author

Cylin Busby was born May 1, 1970 and is 44 years old. Cylin is a middle grade and young adult children's writer, known for the best selling memoir, The year we disappeared, written with her father John Busby. She wrote other books you may know such as "Blink once", "Bratz stylin' slumber party", "The chicken fried rat: tales too gross to be true", "The nine lives of Jacob" Tibbs and many more!


This story takes place on August 31, 1979, on Cape Cod, in Falmouth. Falmouth is a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States; Barnstable County is coextensive with Cape Cod. The population was 31,532 at the 2010 census, making Falmouth the second-largest municipality on Cape Cod.

Main character(s)

Cylin Busby (daughter)- when Cylin was nine years old she was obsessed with Izod clothing, the Muppet's and her pet box turtle. John Busby (father)- John was a police officer who worked night shifts.


The conflict was when John was going driving to work when a shotgun was leveled at his window and shot through his jaw. The family was no longer peaceful there was 24 hour security and to make things worst the the shooter was still on the loose, it was a matter of time before the shooter came back for John again or someone else in the family.

Story details

The extraordinary true story of a family, a brutal shooting, and the year that would change their lives forever.

When Cylin Busby was nine years old, she was obsessed with Izod clothing, the Muppets, and her pet box turtle. Then, in the space of a night, everything changed. Her police officer father, John, was driving to work when someone leveled a shotgun at his window. The blasts that followed left John’s jaw on the passenger seat of his car—literally. Overnight, the Busbys went from being the "family next door" to one under 24-hour armed guard, with police escorts to school, and no contact with friends. Worse, the shooter was still on the loose, and it seemed only a matter of time before he’d come after John—or someone else in the family—again. With their lives unraveling around them, and few choices remaining for a future that could ever be secure, the Busby family left everything and everyone they had ever known…and simply disappeared.

Mood of the story

The mood of the story was neutral at the beginning because it was talking about how peaceful the neighborhood is and the interests of Cylin and John. In the middle of the book it got more exciting the way they exaggerated when the author described the way the bullet went through John's jaw. At the end of the book it was a good feeling to know that the family survived the shooter but the shooter was never caught until 20 years after John was shot.

Theme of the story

The theme of the story is to never falsy accuse anyone of a crime because if the court let's them go then you may never know if the person is crazy or what, and as a police officer you should know your place and know the face of the person you are trying to find.

My opinion

My opinion of this book is that this is a very nice book and I recommend this book for 13+ because this can teach you a lot of life lessons like always watch your surroundings, never tell on someone if you don't know for sure and many more lessons.

Passage from the novel

A passage from the novel that I really enjoyed was "The blasts that followed left John's jaw on the passenger seat of his car---literally." This tells me that the way the bullet went through his jaw and I never knew a bullet could go through like that so that was interesting.


I recommend this book for 13+ because this teaches you about life and never telling stuff that isn't true without backing it up and committing a crime if you know your going to get caught. This book can also teach you about survival.

Why you should get this book

You should get this book because this book teaches you life lessons about life and be careful of your neighborhood because your neighborhood may look safe but can be the opposite of what you think!


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